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Vijila Hamilton with Students.
Arrow.Vijali Hamilton
Christopher Lane
Arrow.Christopher Lane
Jane Disney.
Arrow.Jane Disney
Michael Dowling.
Arrow.Michael Dowling



Visionary Awardees 2009

Each year we tell the stories of some extraordinary individuals, leaders of courage, wisdom and vision. They help people around them to care for each other and reconnect families and communities with the earth and living creatures. Here are our 2009 Visionary Awardees:

Arrow. Didi Emmons

Didi Emmons with Kids.

Didi is the founder and executive chef of “Take Back the Kitchen”, a dynamic non-profit cooking program designed to mitigate growing health disparities in the Roxbury and Dorchester communities at the Haley House Bakery Café in Roxbury, Ma.  More >

Arrow. Lisa Rayner

Lisa Rayner Sunny Side of Cooking Workshop.

Lisa is a writer, teacher of sustainable cooking and permaculture design in Flagstaff, AZ. More >

NOTE: Currently we do NOT accept unsolicited applications for Visionaries.


Dr. Gladys.
Arrow.Dr. Gladys Taylor McGary
Watch Dr. Gladys' inspiring video here>
Lily Yeh.
Arrow.Lily Yeh
Vernon Masayesva
Arrow.Vernon Masayesva
Joanna Crell.
Arrow.Joanna Crell
Aimee Beth Ward.
Arrow.Aimee Beth Ward