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Cards, Books, Ceramic Art Tiles, and Paintings by Adele Seronde, our Founder.

Click to view Adele Seronde's Cards. Click to see Amazon page of Adele Seronde's Poetry books. Click to view tiles by Adele Seronde.
Click to watch movie with Seronde paintings.
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Adele Seronde's CARDS
Samples will be uploaded at a later date.
Click image to visit Adele Seronde's BOOKS page on Amazon.

Adele Seronde's ceramic TILES
Samples will be uploaded at a later date.
Click thumbnail to see Gallery 1 of Adele Seronde's PAINTINGS.

Click thumbnail to see Gallery 2 of Adele Seronde's PAINTINGS.

Please contact us if you wish to purchase cards, tiles, or paintings by Adele Seronde.

Click the above thumbnail to purchase Adele's books, "Our Sacred Garden," "Deliver Into Green" and other poetry on Amazon.

The proceeds of the sales of these items will help support the works of Gardens for Humanity and our support of other Visionaries.



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