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The Earth and Our ResponsibilityFlower Earth.

In its natural state, the whole earth is the magnificent garden which the astronauts saw as a green and blue sphere in space. It has ever-growing and changing living systems in which death plays an essential part. What disintegrates in dying becomes the base for new life by the intercession of myriads of bacteria, worms and other minute transformers.

In the past, as human beings, we have at least partially recognized that we were dependent on this garden for our food, shelter, clothing, medicines — our very existence. We understood the responsibility of nurturing this earth in return — that we were its caretakers — at least of our own immediate lands and livestock.

With the advent of the industrial and technological revolutions we have developed the tools, the means and the will to use and to exploit huge areas of the earth — its energy resources, its lands and waters, without replenishing, without cleansing or recycling or repopulating. We have learned how to destroy willfully some of all species of living creatures and plants and, in the process, ourselves. Our pollutions invade the seas, lands, air and even outer space with the fracturing of the ozone layers.

To survive the devastations of our own greed — which are now, in 2008, manifesting themselves in financial and economic crises — everywhere — we need to learn anew how to sustain and maintain ourselves and our Earth garden. How do we work with these animals, insects, birds, plants, oceans, living soils? As Joanna Macy says “co-create” an interdependence where we help each other survive, where we heal each other. To do this we need to create first gardens in our hearts, our minds, our souls to nurture the green chakra of Earth’s heart.


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