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Click images below to learn about our 2007 Gardeners of the Spirit!

Lily YehVernon MasayesvaJoanna CrellAimee Beth WardDr. Gladys Taylor McGarey

Lily Yeh Vernon Masayesva Joanna Crell Ward Dr. McGarey
Lily Yeh

Sharing Joy While Creating

Lily is an urban artist and organizer, creator of The Village of Arts and Humanities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Vernon Masayesva

Healing Our Out-of-Balance World

Vernon is an educator, advisor and political leader for the Hopi Nation. Gardening is part of his spiritual heritage.

Joanna Crell

Helping Crippled and Autistic Children

Joanna is a sculptor and teacher of equine therapy. She is a supporter of the garden as a place of peace and

Aimee Beth Ward

Empowers Her Students

Aimee is a sculptor, community organizer and innovative teacher of the arts and gardening as creative practice.

Dr. Gladys

Mother of Holistic Medicine

Dr. Gladys Taylor McGary is an MD who is the acknowledged Mother of Holistic Medicine.


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